Wrought Iron Garden Border Fence

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3 Foot Garden Border Fence

A great way to create a stately and sophisticated look at a landscape is to add a wrought iron garden border fence. Whether it is decorative and functional or a combination of both, a wrought iron border fence can make a bold and lasting statement in any size garden. There are many sizes and styles of fence to choose from that can easily be incorporated into a courtyard, backyard or garden.

Wrought iron garden border fence can also be combined with brick and stone posts. These to create a dramatic effect that will add beauty and grandeur to your property. The fence can be used as a border for garden beds that runs along the house. Another idea is to use a wrought iron fence to frame out all the gardens that are located on the farm.

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Whether it’s a flower or kitchen garden, a wrought iron garden border fence is a perfect way to add a formal and elegant touch. The height of the fence should once again, not more than 3 ft. feet that you want to accent the garden do not overwhelm it. Create an entry along with a walkway through the garden is an excellent dot to the overall look.

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