Woven Wire Fence Best Protection

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Woven Wire Fence Material

Woven Wire Fence – Building a woven wire fence for a field or meadow has certain advantages. When placed under stress, the woven wire fence provides a barrier that even a jumping animal will find difficult to cross. At the same time, the woven wire does not possess any of the risks of wounds to the enclosed animals that have the barbed wires.

Anyway, the need to add the wire mesh to a fence under tension will involve following a few steps that even an experienced woven wire fence builder might not be familiar with. Walk along the proposed line for the fence with a measuring wheel and place stakes in the ground at 16-foot intervals to mark the place where the poles of the posts are to be dug. Tie a rope to each stake and create a tight line. Divide the height of a common fence post by 3 and then add 4 inches (10 cm) to determine the depth of the hole.

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Dig the woven wire fence holes of the posts using the steps in step before, a hoe, soil driller, and shovel. Make the hole as cylindrical as possible. Fill the bottom of each hole with 4 inches of sand (10 cm). Place the posts. Place a pole in a hole, tie a pole level and adjust the position of the pole to keep it straight. Wait two or three days for the concrete to settle.

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