Wood Porcelain Tile In Perfect Condition

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What basic steps to take to exploit natural qualities of wood porcelain tile, floors, and keep it in perfect condition? Wood is one of materials with better aesthetics and durability characteristics for coating floors.

Thorough cleaning: Check that no debris. Then apply one of many products suitable for cleaning wood porcelain tile on market and let it dry completely. It is advisable to wet wood in excess, as chemical components containing these cleaners may deteriorate. If it is found that floor has woodworm, treat wood with insecticides before cleaning and chemicals Vazquez have taken effect, cover holes with wood pulp.

Sanding: Once surface is perfectly clean and free from woodworm, polished, in a very simple procedure: Only must be sanded wooden boards and then sweep floor to keep dust generated is mixed with varnish that shall apply hereinafter. According to state of floors, sanding different types one, two or even three times in a row will be passed to achieve a perfect finish are. On first pass, you should use coarse sandpaper to remove all traces. In second a half to match grain surface and to smooth, finish with fine grit sandpaper.

Varnish: To get a good finish, varnish is applied to wood porcelain tile always following same direction and extending well. When soil is dry, re-sanded and then give a second coat. If ground is relatively old, it may varnish up to four times.

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