Wood Fence Designs In The Home

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Wood Fence Designs Decor

Building wood fence designs in your garden could be an intimidating project for some owners. The idea of ​​having a fence can be attractive because it can add value to your property, as well as helping curious neighbors keep too close an eye on you and your family. The installation of the fence by companies can be quite expensive, but with a few simple tools and a friend, you can install a wooden fence yourself on a weekend.

Build wood fence designs, check the property lines. You do not want to start digging anywhere that is not on your property. Be sure to stay within the boundaries of your property. Mark the fence line with a tape measure. Have a friend hold one end of the tape measure at one end of the fence line. Walk down the tape measure to the other end of the fence line. Mark the points on the floor with your shoe so you know where to install the two posts of the final fence. Record the time that the fence line is so you know how many wooden feet to purchase the fence.

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Buy enough wood fence designs  posts, cross beams and pickets to cover the entire line of the fence. Fence posts are typically spaced every 6 to 8 feet. Remember to buy fence posts that are 2 feet taller than the height of the fence; that will install the poles 2 feet deep in the ground. You will have 2 cross beams attached to each post, so you buy enough 2-inch by 4-inch beams. Decide on the width of the pickets, and buy enough to cover the fence line.

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