Wonderful Outdoor Wood Tiles

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IKEA Pantry Cabinet Area Pullout

From the first day I stepped on my terrace I knew I would love to have a tropical outdoor wood tiles. I even asked a budget, which I returned prohibitive figures. During all these years I was not off the idea of the head wooden flooring and white bolus … Over time I inquired about the best way to do and so I knew that outside pallets rest on battens and that they have to go in the direction of the drain for the water reservoir is not under the ground.

But new doubts assailed my head.  One was cleaning. Given that outdoor wood tiles has to be a separation between the planks, it is de rigueur winding dirt accumulating under the stage and perform a fixture saw no way to make optimum cleaning, and the idea of ​​an ecosystem under my feet made me rethink the issue.

And in these trials I was walking when I found an outdoor wood tiles Ipe that had a small plastic structure at the bottom. Wood looked pretty good, much better than any I had seen before, strong and with a good finish. The trick of these tiles is the assembly system: bind each other thanks to its plastic base, which is not necessary to install strips, drilled, nailed or screwed, simplifying work.

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