White Picket Fence Residential Style

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White Picket Fence Ideas

White Picket Fence – White fences are more commonly found in residential neighborhoods. Often, these fences are made up of wood and steel hardware. In the past, these fences were finished with paint or lead-based white, which is calcimine paint. In the course of time, the elements can take their toll on these fences, and some repairs in addition to regular maintenance must be done. To the fantasy running a white fence, you will need some common hand tools.

Remove all rusted and/or corrosion nails, using a hammer. Put old nails in a bucket to prevent them from being stepped on later. Hammer in new nails. Spray the white picket fence with a garden hose or pressure wash. Fill a bucket with soap and water. Clean the fence thoroughly to get all dirt and grime. Do not be worried about flaking paint. Put on gloves, safety glasses, and a dust mask. Remove old paint with a combination of paint remover, spatula, and sandpaper.

Rinse well with a garden hose or pressure wash once more. Allow the white picket fence to air dry. Apply primer to each picket or plate, using a brush. Let the paint dry for two or three hours, or as long as suggested by the manufacturer. Then apply the first layer of white paint outside and let it dry. Apply a second layer. Buy new hinges and closing hardware. Unfasten the old hinges and latch with a screwdriver or screw gun.

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