What Is So Great About Hog Wire Fence

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Best Hog Wire Fence

For a garden, woven hog wire fence is an option to divide the growing area and create walls – a space of vines or propagation plants. Vining tomatoes or grapes is connected to the cable, allowing the fruit to hang freely. Placed around high-growth plants, such as okra, a circle of closely woven wires acts as a support. Fencing will also protect the area from larger wild animals or pets and act as a deterrent to pets or small rodents.

While hog wire fence traditionally used on farms and ranches can not be the first thought of the element for decoration, the product can be a simple way to fix the yard. With the fence extended by the side of a house, the creative decorator can create the appearance of ivy-covered walls.

Use the highest available indicator of the woven wire fence. Use high strength staples to join the ends and the siding center of the house. Use the outdoor grade fake ivy available at craft stores or home improvement stores. Wrap the ivy up the vertical hog wire fence from the ground to the top. Add small pieces to the crossed cables to cover. The final result is a rustic-looking ivy wall.

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