Ways To Paint Decorative Ceiling Medallions

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Decorative ceiling medallions elegance to a room with a discreet detail of texture and color. Whether you choose to paint the medallion black, white or vibrant tone contrast a ceiling medallion set aside its roof.  Compensate for the lack of texture by using a vivid figure as botanists, geometry and models damask medallion.

For a completely white ceiling in a room with a white or trim molding, paint the white locket, too. Or paint the entire ceiling in a complementary color to the wall color. For example, a blue-green wall painted with a bright blue ceiling will come to life with white trim, moldings, medallions and panels. Experiment with black paint the decorative ceiling medallions for a completely different look with the drama. For a black to fit well within the room decor, matching chairs with a black lacquered high gloss, piano and other details in black medallion.

Consider designing your own drum pendant online for color matching in the tones you want to enter in its decoration. You can also paint the medallion with seasonal or current trends. Arm yourself with some painters tape and your choice of templates to create a focal point one-of-a-kind decorative ceiling medallions. One idea is to add the medallion to the lamp, leave it blank and painted a medallion expands outside the existing. Or, give up the crown moldings and template design around the lamp. For a traditional space, paint floral flourishing.

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