Warmth Tile That Looks Like Wood Planks

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Over The Toilet Storage IKEA White

Tile that looks like wood planks is one of the most used to cover the soil of gardens, terraces, porches or floors. It is ideal if you want to bring warmth pavement and aesthetic balance to your stay abroad and protect it against fungi, termites and insects.

Dressing your wood can become a great success or a mistake if we do not choose the appropriate option. We must unite to maintain another disadvantage, cost. It is an expensive material, but need not cover the whole ground, can only decorate one or more zones. Tile that looks like wood planks are cheap options for not renouncing their beauty

Tropical timber is more appropriate if you need a tough and impact-resistant material that would be their disadvantage compared to pine. But be careful with tropical wood because it is discolored more easily than the pine if exposed to ultraviolet light.

For areas with pool and outdoor shower is the most desirable slip and moisture resistant timber or chlorine. The finish is also an aspect to consider. The smooth pallet is only recommended if the floor area is covered. For its part, fluted and grooved have a non-slip function. What do you think about the use of tile that looks like wood planks on the outside?

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