Useful Ideas Of Vinyl Storage IKEA

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Unique Vinyl Storage IKEA

Vinyl storage IKEA – As you know, you will always be the old reliable IKEA Kallax (RIP, Expedit) series. But there are many ways to hack into systems Ikea storage square to look more vintage and less basic. The disks do not need to be stored on shelves. You can make your living room is free of clutter by placing them in drawers. Whether you ideas choose of vinyl storage, you can have everything as yours.

A vase or small vinyl storage IKEA e box attached to a wall is a good way to organize 45s. It is also quite easy to transform any lost drawer cabinet (An easy find in a flea market!). Maximize your space turning their shelves vinyl banks. The storage module PS Ikea is also suitable for vinyl. Buy a pair of these to stack or arrange them, as you like.

Looking for something vintage? Search wire vinyl storage IKEA to find cute shelves, often less than $ 100. What happens if you want to show art in your vinyl? Test turning your collection out in a series of shelves. But if you are looking for an easy way to fix a shelf, you can try to paint the support or the bottom for a touch of color.

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