Unique Black And White Hexagon Tile

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Jazz up your bathroom tiles in black and white hexagon tile with styles that complement this look plain. Many classic cartoon characters and some issues can transform a basic bathroom in a decorative masterpiece. Any color can mix well with black and white, as long as you include other accents to tie everything together. Choose a main theme or combine different themes to create a bathroom that really pops.

Black and white hexagon tile in bathroom can also go well with a classic theme of 1950 cars. Hang red, blue and black towels to represent colors of car you want to offer. Place framed photos of classic cars colorful 1950 wall. Place a small car model at counter and find carpets as tires placed on bathroom floor. Shower Curtain any solid color works as long as colors match cars that appear in room.

A vintage travel theme mixes well with basic black and white hexagon tile. Hang pictures of past trips balloons fashion, airplanes and other works of art vintage travel. Look for a shower curtain that features images of old ships or aircraft. Pair is decorated with colorful towels and rugs to match colors in images. Look for vintage bathroom accessories such as soap, hand mirrors, toothbrush holders, trash cans and holders Tissue box of antique shops.

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