Trippy Room Decor Ideas

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Trippy Room Decor Ideas – If you are looking for a bold style decor that makes an impact brilliant a trippy inspired room may be up your alley. Influenced by the designs of the mid to late 1960s, the decor has a fantasy-like quality that allows more creativity. Trippy decor is often a hit with teens and college students, so consider this option when it is time to go to the room of your growing child.

No trippy room decor would be complete without the dyed fabric. The process involves tie dye parts of a piece of fabric with rubber bands and dip dye. And if you need a room divider for trippy room, a beaded curtain is a setting option and the appropriate era. Not only a beaded curtain provides a nice visual, but also makes a distinctive sound when passing through it.

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Lighting is important to create the right mood in any room element. Black lights reflect the lighter shades in a dark room, so any trace of white in its trippy room will have a cool blue glow when you turn on the black light. Glow in the dark stickers walls or ceilings in a star may also add to their trippy room decor.

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