Trends Ceramic Tile That Looks Like Wood

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Ceramic Tile That Looks Like Wood Color

Ceramic tile that looks like wood – We see so many ideas and trends in materials for floors that when a reform … it is impossible to decide! So I launched the proposal of the week. Why not combine two materials continuously? We propose wood and ceramics this time. Hundreds of ideas in hundreds of formats, options and combinations. We know how difficult it can be decided, so why not use two different but continuous and installed options combined form? Is not this a great idea? Look at all the spaces that we have found.

Take advantage of the house needs to distinguish corners or areas, either for aesthetic or functionality. For example, if you are passionate of the two materials like us, a good option may be to use ceramic tile that looks like wood in wear areas such as entrances, bathrooms, kitchens or dining rooms … but not located traditionally in each room, but invading corners of rooms or use them gradually.

We loved the picture above, an entry or hallway on a platform of natural wood with a small area that is access to the kitchen and closet housing with hydraulic tile. If you love, especially parquet wood, either beehive, hexagonally shaped or spike, a good option may be combined with ceramic tile that looks like wood equal but different texture as the kitchen of the previous image separates two environments gradually and it looks great!

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