To Put Peel And Stick Floor Tiles

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Top Peel And Stick Floor Tiles

Peel and stick floor tiles – Prepare Floor: Remove all base lists and clean. You may be able to put these tiles over an old vinyl floor, as long as it is free of fat and smooth. If you put the tiles above the ground, you need to test for moisture. First cut a piece of plastic (trash bag will work), and tape it down on all sides. Wait at least 24 hours, and then see if there is moisture under the plastic. If you see moisture, seal the floor. Your home improvement store can advise you here.

Measure your room for square footage to purchase the right number of peel and stick floor tiles. Be sure to add 10% for waste. Have a dry fit in both directions of the center line to see how your tile will land. You will have cut the edge of the tiles to be on the edge of space. You can adjust the center line no more than a tile width, so you will have less cutting or so the cut tiles will be symmetric on both sides. Third, if you choose to cut around the door linings, you need good pair sissies. The best option is to use a jamb saw to cut the door casings.

Once you determine where you want the vertical center line, draw a horizontal line in the same way as vertically. Starting from this intersection carefully lay the edge of the first tile on the two intersecting lines and lay it down slowly. You need to peel the backing until you are able to keep the tile down. Next Tile should be butted up against the first tile and make sure everything is square in space. Last, continue laying peel and stick floor tiles until you cannot put a full tile. When you put all the full tiles you can go back and start cutting tiles to fit on the perimeters. Be sure to line up the tiles with those already laid. When you put all the tiles, you can go back then replace the molding or install quarter round molding.

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