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Beauty  Makeup Storage IKEA

Makeup storage IKEA – it seems quite cumbersome to have makeup products because every time wants to use have to take the briefcase where placed, open, remove the products … and after use the room is all disorderly. Moreover, as you can see, if you have a lot of makeup you cannot keep it all because it has a large capacity. We currently use our briefcase when we have to move from one place to another

After changing a thousand times the organization makeup, in the end we found a way that convinces us 100%. Most have it in the three drawers that we will teach, but always we have some commodities in the makeup storage IKEA bag we use every day, so we find it more comfortable to use.

The first of the drawers in which we have the makeup is narrow.  We bought an IKEA cutlery and trim the ends to occupy the entire drawer, were too large. The second is our favorite drawer in it we have everything related to the face. To organize we use various containers, makeup storage IKEA and an organizer of lipsticks that I bought in Basic porch.  We recommend that before embarking to buy organizers for, Take drawers measures, seek boxes that you may have at home and think in what system you more comfortable.

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