The Best Pallet Dog Bed

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Pallet Dog Bed Shapes

Pallet dog bed – Because a good rest our pets also deserve in a bed crafted especially for them, nothing better than these dog beds made from pallets for you to choose the design you like. Big or small, natural colors or different colors, with wheels or without wheels and even multi-storey if you have more than one dog, engraving his name or drawing it or simply leaving a nice message … the proposals are varied and which more beautiful .

The best way to build pallet dog bed, especially the roof is to put one wood on top of the other, from top to bottom, with this we avoid that when it rains the water will penetrate inside the house, the visor of the entrance, As seen in the photo is also important, as we avoid that water that runs through the front wall falls into the passenger compartment.

Any pallet dog bed wood can serve us, however if our pet is medium or large, the larger the Pallet, American type or even bigger will suit us better. With this we can make a real dog house with pallets , if already have furniture made with pallets in our garden, this will be another decorative object more, which will give to our garden a rustic and unique look, and always for very little money .

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