Stylish DIY Bunk Beds

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Diy Bunk Beds Design

Diy bunk beds have several models of bunk beds that can make room of our children more useful and original. Especially since been renovated and there are modern without resorting to classical one bed above other. You have to try to be as safe as possible, especially stairs and upstairs bed.

To add storage and make an easier way to get to top bunk that a ladder, create a set of comprehensive measures ranging from ground up. Install a drawer under side of each riser to keep toys, clothes and games. Kid’s diy bunk beds are best who are not likely to fall down stairs. If a ladder is easier for your child to use, install drawers behind him, his back towards end of bunk bed.

Put drawers or shelves below to continue with look and provide more storage space; on very long walls, shelves installed on both sides of beds. This type of bed is fun for kids, as each bed is like a personal cave. diy bunk beds is also a practical option for a cottage or summer, as it can accommodate more beds in a room like this, and therefore can accommodate additional guests and family.

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