Stylish And Useful Ikea Wall Storage

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Ikea Wall Storage Bedroom

IKEA wall storage –When space of cabinets and drawers is not enough, and have plenty of supplies and utensils, you should opt for wall storage. Create your own solution with bars, shelves and magnetic knife holder to have everything at hand and further define style. Key to maintaining control over daily clutter and keep everything in its place to maximize room’s storage. When assessing a room’s storage options, best way to go is vertical wall shelving. There are many different wall shelving options in different styles and price ranges, all of which are effective tools to keep an organized.

Create an entire wall of shelving and storage by placing many high racks side by side and attach them to wall. Remove baseboard trim for a more secure fit and a built-in look. Buy unfinished cubbies from an arts and crafts store and create ikea wall storage by placing them side by side and on top of each other until you have set a desired layout of shelves. Paint with two coats of paint and set of cubbies to each other with small screws. Fill dice with baskets to keep everything in its place.

Take advantage of laminated closet organizers from a local hardware store to create ikea wall storage complete with shelves, drawers and cabinets. Measure room and designer layout on paper before you purchase and installation of device. This setting is perfect for a mudroom, playroom and obvious, closet.

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