Stylish And Functional IKEA Over Toilet Storage

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IKEA Over Toilet Storage And Mirror

When it comes to bathroom design, space above toilet is often wasted, but a number of stylish and functional options IKEA over toilet storage can transform your bathroom into epitome of efficiency. Goal of both form and function to create just over-the-toilet room to your bathroom.

If your vanity or medicine cabinet is not giving you storage you need, offering ikea over toilet storage cabinet extra space for towels and toiletries without eating up floor space. Wall mounted cabinets require no floor space at all, but requires installation and drilling holes in wall, so if you are prone to change your mind, look at other options. Freestanding cabinets are supported on wooden legs that fit on both sides of toilet and support a cabinet that sits above tank. Adhere to design and colors to match your existing medicine cabinet or woodwork to keep room cohesive.

Most standing cabinets consist of a closed box that extends all way to floor, but you can buy or build one that is tailored to fit ikea over toilet storage. A cabinet with glass doors on front giving a view of content, while a fixed cabinet with wooden doors can give a bathroom a more minimalist feeling by hiding away a number of small objects. Get a cabinet that provides enough open space over back of toilet, so you can access tank reserve in an emergency.

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