Stunning Decor With White Onyx Tile

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Using white onyx tile to change look of a room by swapping accessories and components is a way to transform a space visually. Laminate white with subtle marble effect, there are options to use onyx tile in various areas of house.

Use white onyx tile countertops in kitchen. white base of Formica pairs well with a variety of colors, color, allowing you to use bright colors or muted through a kitchen. Opt for a tile splash back along wall between white onyx countertops and Formica cabinets to add a splash of color all over kitchen. Party carpets, curtains, crockery and glassware with tiled splash back to pull color scheme together.

Replace caps with white onyx tile tables in dining area to give a retro feel. Choose coverings chairs to coordinate with white onyx Formica, like black, red or blue. Decorate around white countertops using white accents, towels and rugs or use bright colors like royal blue, red or green grass.

Replace top of a bar built into system, such as one in a basement recreation room or enclosed sunroom, white onyx tile. Decorate around bar area with bar signs that light up in an assortment of colors. Tops of white bar allow you to use various colors; from white onyx Formica matches all color options.

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