Stunning Black And White Marble Tile Bathroom

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Black and white marble tile is a stunning color combination that can make a real statement. Mixture of black and white and can accommodate a variety of styles. This combination can create an elegant, sophisticated, traditional or modern look in any space. If you are planning to undertake makeover your bathroom, there are a variety of ways you can incorporate black and white marble tile in this space. For an interesting and appealing look, artistic pattern can be created from white tiles in center of a tile floor all black.

If you are on a budget or not to take an entire bathroom remodeling, but you still want a new look for this space in black and white marble tile, perhaps most affordable and easiest way is with accessories. A shower curtain dramatically changes look of room. A spa feeling can be configured with a white curtain fabric cookie. Try a black and white toile print inspired a French provincial room. Crisp white towels placed in a black rack are also striking. Place black bear rugs on floors add warmth to space. Geometric prints in black and white can be framed and hung on walls as works of art. Other accessories that can be added include a toothbrush and soap holder, baskets and even a garbage can in selected colors.

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