Stunning Art Deco Bedroom Furniture

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Can you imagine art deco bedroom furniture? Perhaps to know how to choose which items should know a bit this kind of trend? Know for example that this style nation in 20s and it was a collection of several influences of Constructivism, Cubism, Futurism and even Art Nouveau.

Art deco bedroom furniture style is sleek, geometric shapes, items created with noble materials such as wood and use of iron. Egyptian influences as well as some touch Roman and Oriental. In short, a great set of influences stuck in a blender creation that give rise to one of most captivating styles in interior. We can use items as a headboard upholstered. Large mirrors framed with scrolls and rounded ends. Old solid wood base, where furniture is widely used ebony. It is possible that going to antique shops find this type of furniture.

We cannot forget either use of wrought iron, copper or silver, mixed with other materials (such as wood) are very well received in art deco bedroom furniture. It is also used armchairs and sofas upholstered in animal skins, shark or snake for example. As for reasons for decoration, it notes that Art Deco inspired by abstract patterns, preferably female figures, animals, waves and spirals. On other hand, we tend to be careful, because if we spent with decorative elements can result in an Art Deco too Rococo.

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