Spongebob Room Decor Ideas

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Spongebob room decor – If your son is a big fan of the popular cartoon character SpongeBob and his friends from Bikini Bottom, decorating your bedroom or bathroom with a theme of Sponge Bob you can make a huge splash. The room can be completely covered in the subject or include some detailed articles to convey the theme, but does not allow Spongebob to grab the room completely.

Paint the walls yellow or blue, or create a look in Bikini Bottom, Spongebob room decor home, paint a mural or mural hangs a previously decorated. Murals can be as simple as the blue sky and blue sea at the bottom or as detailed as representing the pineapple-shaped house SpongeBob and some of his closest friends, like Sandy, Patrick and his pet snail Gary . Use labels peel-and-stick to create a mural if you can not paint or to update the room decor unpainted in the future.

Simple, such as plain white or natural wood, rustic furniture is the best for a bright and busy theme Spongebob room decor. Some of the rooms as bathrooms do not require any furniture. Another option is to use furniture with Sponge Bob issues if the walls are a solid color. There are bright yellow headboards available that look just like the high character and toy boxes that look like SpongeBob and legs.

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