Spectacular Teak Outdoor Furniture

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IKEA  Akurum Wall Cabinet Model

Teak outdoor furniture is the queen of the woods for garden furniture. It comes from a tree native born in areas of Burma, India, Indochina and Java and can reach a height of 40 m. and 1.5 m. in diameter. It is highly prized because it is easy to work, dry, preserve and durability.

Teak outdoor furniture is very resistant to termites, fungi and insects, besides being almost insensitive to humidity. The will identify by its whitish and if indeed it is teak, must pay its price , which is high . Be sure to purchase teak furniture at a shop that gives you guarantee, as currently other types of wood that are sold to imitate teak, as keruing, which for not having a proper drying process may crack and dilate.  You will identify by its darker color and more glossy appearance, in addition to its weight. The teak is much heavier.

Over time, teak outdoor furniture may be losing its varnish, so if you want to have it always perfect, you should take care and provide treatment once a year, if is exposed to extreme temperatures or every two years, if you see that still retains its color and brightness. It will be spectacular. As new, of course, much darker than when you started to perform the treatment

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