Special Ideas Wood Grain Tile Flooring

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Wood grain tile flooring is a big financial commitment and the results cannot be changed at a reasonable price. There are very few structural considerations to help determine the orientation of the grain on a wooden floor. With a solid substrate, the grain can be oriented based on personal preference or the recommendation of the flooring contractor.

Many contractors suggest align the wooden floor with the longest straight wall to create the appearance of a larger room. If the wood floor will be installed in an adjacent hall, the floor would be better along the corridor instead of short pieces in the hall. If you make more than one floor of the house with hardwood floors, the wood grain tile flooring must be oriented the same way for each level of the house.

It may be helpful to take pictures of the room and use a coating of a wooden floor to help determine how it would like to orient the wood grain tile flooring. Grain orientation can have a big effect on the visual appearance of the room sizes. Images with wood floor coverings can be the best way to determine which way to orient the grain on a wooden floor.

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