Special Ideas Mission Bedroom Furniture

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Hello friends! This weekend we will speak about special ideas mission bedroom furniture. Check this out! And get inspirations to decorate your home.  The style of the mission came from two major influences design. It is the same name: The Catholic missions of the American West, and the Arts and Crafts movement that originated in England in late 1800. The Arts and Crafts Movement honored simple objects, handmade. Simple furniture California missions, designed by the austere Franciscan monks who founded them, were a perfect match with the philosophical ideals of the Arts and Crafts movement.

Mission bedroom furniture has little ornamentation and are mainly composed of straight lines and square and rectangular shapes. They are usually made of solid wood and stained, not painted. Furniture mission rather have wood with heavy grain patterns. These pieces are dyed in light colors and means to allow the wood grain to show through. Some parts of the mission are simply not oiled and waxed or stained in any way. Mission bedroom furniture is generally connected with wooden pegs instead of metal screws. Seeing these studs in a finished piece is a sign of authenticity of the piece. Mission furniture accessories normally darker wrought iron.

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