Special Green Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash

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Creating subway tile kitchen backsplash striking a pattern using green subway tile base color. There are many shades of green subway tiles, ranging from pale green sea foam green teal for a woody look in dark tones. Selecting the green that works best for your space is your first design challenge.

Shades of Green: you can mix an assortment of green tiles together for a collage of green subway tile kitchen backsplash. Select a darker or lighter green as their base or mix an equal variety of all kinds of green in a mosaic pattern tone. The beauty of this design scheme is operating in contemporary, traditional, rural and condominium-style spaces.

It goes retro: you can try to create a retro look, matching bright green subway tile kitchen backsplash in shades of bright pink and blue. Bright colors can be combined with white cabinets, stainless steel or chrome hardware and a lot of 50s style lighting. Create a mosaic pattern repetition style or make your “pop” backsplash by creating abstract forms with subway tiles. Ensure green is the main color and add pink and white as complementary colors – a strong rule of thumb is to have 80 base colors and 20 percent complementary colors.

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