Special Ceramic Wood Floor Tile

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Ceramic wood floor tile – Current technology can create materials that look natural and what is best, keeping technical products of high performance features. In case is imitation wood ceramics. Among high-end we are truly amazing similar in color and texture, and only a more thorough examination differentiates ceramic timber. main difference we will find touch, where wood is easily distinguished by its warmth.

benefits of ceramic wood floor tile we can obtain ceramic product are many and varied. Starting durability for both indoor and outdoor (especially latter because porcelain supports frost). Any carpenter knows that smallest stone can scratch wood, causing after a very short time to appreciate scuff marks on busiest areas of house and some problems with layers of varnish that will make Product age rapidly.

Another strong point is hygiene is achieved. Cleaning has always been great advantage of ceramic wood floor tile. An old mop and shine magically becomes like first day. Water resistance, blemishes and all kinds of typical discharge of a house (ketchup, paint, even oils) is much higher in ceramic products due to their low level of absorption. Conversely know that wood and water do not get along and need more care when spills occur.

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