Simple White Wash Furniture

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White wash furniture – spring comes and with it the garage sale and flea markets will again entertain our weekend course. If you unearth a forgotten piece of furniture in a corner whose shape exhilarates you, adopt it. Even if you do not have much time, you’ll quickly turn like these … two coats of matt white sanded once dry.

To give a little air of modern style chairs, sand, remove dust, clean the wood, apply white wash furniture and sand the edges gently. On them to get that color a little gray, we have used a coat of paint. Thus it leaves slightly reflected the color of the wood through.

White wash furniture gives a nicer appearance to the wood better clogging pores and touch (softer). If you want to give it a slightly shiny, wax or spend your fine steel wool gently on surfaces. The acrylic or alkyd paint, matt or satin is also used. You choose according to your tastes and habits.

Same treatment for two different wooden original colors: different colors on arrival if you sand a lot. If the original color of the wood does not satisfy you completely, you may be tempted to stain the wood before painting and then sanding. But beware; a fact also supported sanding away the stain that is only superficial.

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