Simple Organizer Locker Bedroom Furniture

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IKEA Malm Storage Bed Series

You want your locker bedroom furniture to look good, but you also want it to be ultra‑clean and neat. When you’re running from class to class, it’s important to know where to find everything you’ll need to hit books — and more importantly — where to find those things quickly! With our step‑by‑step guide, you’ll have most organized locker around.

Every inch of your locker bedroom furniture is valuable, so make use of your space in best way possible! To fit all of your books and notebooks, think up, up, and away! Rather than stacking books on top of one another, use a shelving unit so that everything has a place of its own.

Once you are sure that you have enough space for everything to fit in your locker bedroom furniture, it’s time to get organized. An easy way to do this is to assign a color for every subject. Math is blue; English is red; History is yellow, and so on. There are two ways to do this. First: when you cover your books or buy supplies like folders and notebooks, select items that are assigned color. Otherwise, use nail polish to paint a band on spine of your book cover, notebook, or folder. When you’re pressed for time between classes or hurrying to after school practice, you’ll be certain to grab right books each time.

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