Simple Matte White Subway Tile

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Matte white subway tile has a non-reflective finish that can be the result of simple preservation of natural finish without the use of polishing tools or booster glow. It is best cleaned with denatured alcohol on a soft, clean, lint-free. This method removes stains and grease without harming the underlying matte finish. A subsequent application of oil soap will make subway tile look brand new.

Combining matte white subway tile with other bright tiles can be a great way to create a spectacular design on the floors, walls and backsplashes. When security is a problem, as in bathroom or shower floors, it is best to use tiles non-slip mat. Where reflective brilliance is best to highlight a backsplash or wall installation, shiny subway tile can make a powerful statement design without compromising security.

Small areas, such as kitchen backsplashes, constantly subject to moisture and cooking splatters, are a good place to use small shiny tiles backed with netting or sheet materials. Tile or 1 3/4 square inch, can accentuate the area while keeping a fast and easy cleaning. The shower and walls, often subjected to soap and water residues, spots are great places for placement of matte white subway tile 4-by-6-inch. Large tiles make small bathrooms are larger while the matte surface disguises spotting.

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