Simple Decoration Dark Wood Grain Tiles

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Dark wood grain tiles tend to make a room look smaller, so using design techniques that create a sense of space. Simple and inexpensive solutions like flipping a light-colored jacket over a chair make a big difference. Decorate whole room with dark walls as an important feature of design creates a cohesive design.

Conventional wisdom about use of a light colored carpet or wood grain tiles to compensate dark walls is applied, but it is possible to make a dramatic design statement with dark floors that match or complement walls, especially if you’ve installed a rail chair. Furniture and colorful rugs break extent of word. If you like color, consider a carpet or area rug with large, bright checks.

You can place lights or track lighting around perimeter of roof to create a visual contrast between dark wood grain tiles and light that falls on them. Can lights on ground have same effect, and when room is dark, create vertical columns of light along wall. Pole lamps that extend from floor to ceiling draw eye upward, making ceiling seem higher. Approach lights in a cabinet or use to highlight a work of art. Floor lamps with long arms, also planning to add height to a room.

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