Simple Couch Bunk Bed

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Furniture Couch Bunk Bed

Couch bunk bed can saves space in your home; it is serving as a sofa during day and a bed at night. Some even have a shelf to place or store items. Bed folds vertically against wall with a stent in place. A small sofa, complete with a platform horizontally, resting on folded bed. To use bed, pull platform towards you.

Once bed is in position, platform of bed rest on two legs, Couch bunk bed is practical when guests or younger relatives visit us. It is similar to a large folding bed Extra folded flat against. Do not forget that a space horizontally along separates two beds. To lower bottom bunk, put your hand through central opening and pulls bed down. From this position, you can easily take top bunk or leave it in place, using bottom bunk as a bed or as part of living.

Couch bunk bed and table is otherwise appropriate to save space. Folding table fits one or two people. It can also serve as a desk. Fold table before pulling bed down to sleep. Alternatively, pull table back to make it horizontally when bed sheet up. Some versions have a mirror on one side of table.

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