Simple And Basic Diy Platform Bed Plans

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Elite Diy Platform Bed

Diy platform bed – If you already have the mattress you want to use, measure the size of the mattress. Depending on the style platform bed you want to base the size of the platform of the dimensions of the mattress or add about ten until twelve inches to make a modern style platform bed where the mattress is placed in the middle of the platform. If you do not have a mattress on the level of the bed platform you want to build.

Calculate all the wood you are going to need the diy platform bed frame with 2 x 4s. Cut 2 x 4s to size or have them cut to size where you buy them. Build a simple rectangular frame from the 2 x 4s by pre-drill holes in the ends of them and link them together by means of wood screws. Measure the width of the inside of the bed frame and cut three or four 2 x 4s for this measurement to be used as a support braces.

Evenly place the support programs belts inside the bed frame and attach them to the frame with wood screws. Pre-drilling screw holes going from the outside of the bed frame inwards. Place medium density fiberboard (MDF) or a piece of plywood on top of the bed frame, making sure it is straight. The wood must be pre-cut to the correct size. Pre-drill holes in the upper platform and using wood screws to attach the platform to the frame. And the diy platform bed was ready to use.

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