Rustic Primitive Decor Ideas

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Early hints of a whole space that is cozy and informal. To renew your space with rustic elements, using natural elements such as stone, wood or leather, and build depth with tribal or geometric patterns and painting techniques. The charm of rustic primitive decor is that they are handy, giving the room a warm and welcoming character.

Accessories for rustic primitive decor is add cozy quilts, or even throw blankets with an animal print in your sofa and ottoman to encourage visitors to relax and put your feet. Use branches patio pots and terracotta to give their animals an earthy quality. Use unusual materials for light fixtures as an antler chandelier or leather-look screens.

Wall colors in rustic room should be warm. Think red, yellow, soft orange or brown. Use a sponge technique for depth painting solid base color and sponge slightly lighter shade on top. Gradient paint is also popular in primitive and tribal inspired spaces.

Tissues in a rustic primitive decor should be inspired by nature. Leather sofas or chairs with wood add warmth without being too stuffy. Remember to keep colors neutral, but rich. Use a microfiber fabric for rustic family home. It is easy to clean, comes in many colors and has suede feel to the touch.

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