Rustic Christmas Decorations

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Decorate a Christmas tree usually requires several specific buy new decorations tree theme. You may decorate in a rustic design does not have to buy new ornaments, because most of the things you can find in your backyard. The rustic decorations will give your Christmas tree outside an –Rustic Christmas Decorations appearance.


Organizes rustic Christmas decorations the lights. The idea of ​​a rustic Christmas tree is to bring nature into the home. Choose white for display in this particular tree lights, because this color lights reminiscent of the stars in the sky. Create articles filler. If you find small branches in the yard with leaves still attached, you use them as filler to paste in tree hollows. Carefully clean the leaves and cover lightly with snow spray. Randomly placed on the tree branches. Collect pine cones.



It rustic Christmas decorations display a collection of pineapples as ornaments on the tree. You can choose to cover with snow spray or iridescent glitter and hanging naturally by the tree. Make snowballs. Snowballs created using small Styrofoam balls. To give a rustic touch to the snowballs, twine wrapped around the center of the ball and secures it with hot glue. To create a hanger to snowball, make a loop with a piece of string and glue in place on top of the ball.

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