Restore Antique Leather Storage Trunk IKEA

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Leather Storage Trunk IKEA

Storage trunk IKEA – An old leather suitcase 1800s requires a number of components that cleaning and restoration, including the hardware, lining and exterior. Clean and each region to recover from the strain separately, allowing the trunk look like it just rolled out of the shop.

Wash the inside and outside of the storage trunk IKEA with a mild soap, such as dish soap and warm water. Rub the mixture over the surface with a soft sponge. Dip the sponge in fresh water and rub over the surface again to remove the soap residue. Set the dryer on low and hold it move a few centimeters from the top, back and forth until you dry the trunk.

Run your hands over the storage trunk IKEA, feeling for any loose pieces of leather. Scrub any corrosion of the hardware with a wire brush. Wipe rust or metal shavings that come out of the hardware. Rub the hardware with a thin layer of bright metal finish.  Rub the leather parts of the old trunk with special leather soap. Treat the surface with leather oil, rubbing the oil onto the leather in a circular motion. Fill holes on the inside of the 1800 strain with wood putty. Press the putty into the holes and leave overnight.

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