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Stylish Metal Fence Posts

Metal fence posts – The Florida soil is loose and sandy. Therefore, fence posts need additional support – simply sticking them in a hole does not make for a sturdy fence, especially if the fence post is a metal pole. If you put on wooden poles and a wooden privacy fence, the wood is heavy and you could pull the fence over. If you use metal poles, the fence should be stretched over the poles, and you could easily pull them out of the sandy soil.

Ideas for put on metal fence posts. Measure the fence line. Dig the pole holes accordingly. If you are using privacy fencing, the panels are usually 8 feet long. The distance between the posts should be 7 feet, 10 inches each panel should overlap the 4-inch by 4-inch by 2-inch post. For a wooden fence, dig the post holes 2 feet deep. Follow the instructions for the type of metal fence you purchased if you are using metal fences.

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Then for put on metal fence posts. Center the fence post in the pole hole. Put stones or pieces of concrete in the bottom of the pole holes to help maintain the jobs. Pour 8 inches of cement into the post holes. Add water to the cement and mix in it, in accordance with the instructions of the cement brand you have purchased. Allow the cement to cure in accordance with the instructions. Fill the post holes with dirt. Tamping the ground with your foot, shovel or rear end of a 2-inch by 4-inch plate.

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