Privacy Fence Screen Ideas Around A Patio Inside A Fenced Garden

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Wood Privacy Fence Screen

Keeping your private patio, even inside an enclosed garden, can allow you to relax. And also enjoy the outdoor setting while staying away from the nosy neighbors’ views. Whether you’re simply stretching and relaxing with the sounds of nature? A privacy fence screen approximately 1.8m high should protect your activities from sight.

Let the light in

Enjoy your freedom while letting the light shine with acrylic or other translucent plastic privacy fence screen. Use white panels about 60 cm thick to ensure the strength and cut them at the right height. Then attach them to wooden poles to keep them standing around the patio. To allow more light to come in, you can also use transparent panels and coat them with a matte adhesive film or matte window spray. In a way, this will decrease privacy.

Bamboo and gray hairs

Fences or bamboo and cane screens usually come in cut plant rolls chained with wire. They provide a warm and natural screen for your patio. And also can be attached to the roof posts or to new posts added especially to the fencing. Many bamboo and cane screens do not offer absolute privacy. Since there are small spaces between each bamboo or cane stem. But they let in light and air. To add more privacy fence screen to this type of screen, consider planting live fences or using plant pots outside.

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