Precut Carpet Tiles For Stairs

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Carpet Tiles For Stairs Design

Carpet tiles for stairs – In order to fit carpet for stairs, it is important that you measure and precut your carpet carefully to avoid imperfections. Fortunately, you do not have to be a professional to your stair carpet installation to go smoothly. Select the precutting method that makes you feel most comfortable, as there are various ways to precut carpet for stairs. Two basic ways of cutting a length of broadloom carpet, which is long enough and wide enough for your stairs.

Measure the length of one of your stairs, horizontal. Write your measurements on a piece of paper. This measurement will determine the width of your stair carpet.  Measure the depth of one of your step, which is the length from the front to the back of the stairs. Measure the height of the carpet tiles for stairs and add it to the depth. Write this amount down next to the length. Count the number of steps in the staircase, excluding any stopovers.

Multiply the total depth and height of the stairs by the number of stairs in the staircase to determine the length and width of your broadloom carpet. If your steps include a landing, measure the length of the landing and add it to your total to determine the total length of the carpet needs, including landing.  Use a carpenter’s square as a straight edge. Cut a continuous length of broadloom carpet, using a utility knife.  Cutting carpet tiles for stairs  Measure the length, height and depth of your steps. Measuring any landing separately. Remember that carpet tiles are individual pieces, and you will need a tile to cover the face or front staircase, as well as surface staircase itself.

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