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White subway tile home depot – There are coatings that never go out of style but, throughout its history, evolve and live times of more and less prominence in interior. That is, for example, case of hydraulic tiles, of which I spoke a few days ago in another article, but also of tiles or subway tile type.

You may not know this name, but when you see them, I’m sure that not only recognize immediately, but that you’ve seen in many houses and modern premises. And at this point you’re probably wondering: why are called tiles type meter? While his name and gives us a very clear track, you do not get in most history. Here we go!

This tile was conceived in 1904, when New York white subway tile home depot needed to find a material durable, which had a nice aspect, was easily cleaned for coating walls of stations of city’s subway. This rectangular tile, white and glazed was chosen for its durability and stain resistance. white enameled also was best option to give light to underground tunnels and subway stations. Its use spread throughout metro New York and then was exported to Paris and London…

tile design that people saw in white subway tile home depot in New York (parts beveled 10×20 cm)  quickly became fashionable in kitchens and bathrooms of many American households as personified everything a coating material for a sanitary space It must have: simple but elegant , easy to install and easy to clean.

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