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Eiffel tower room decor – Decorating the Eiffel Tower can remind you every day that dream of seeing the city lights and make you focus more and more on the trip. Well, no matter the reason that you adopt the theme in Paris decor of the house, but this style is beautiful!

Eiffel Tower in decorating is something that has become increasingly common. Eiffel tower room decor was made up of a wall sticker of the Eiffel Tower. The accessory is well into account and can give a very different look at the decor of the room. In this project, the sticker was pasted next to the set and continued the bedroom decor.

If you do not want to use the adhesive on the wall, can take advantage of the ability to give a new face to the wardrobes. In room decor, closet doors won different styles of the Eiffel Tower and in colors that complement the eiffel tower room decor. The adhesive need not be restricted to the room. The idea can also be extended for a living room wall, as this project in the tower in black stood out in bright atmosphere and filled the space of an empty wall.

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