Popular Ceramic Tile Wood Flooring

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Ceramic tile wood flooring – Sometimes imitation may be better than the real thing. Many households choose to apply on the floor of his house a faux wood finish, known by the French term, faux bois. The effect can create this type of decoration for the ground can be, on the one hand, more practical when maintained and cleaned and secondly, to preserve the warmth and beauty that brings this material so noble.

Catalogs of many firms specializing in coatings and ceramic tile wood flooring offer many examples for your home flooring, which are inspired by the natural grain of some species of trees such as pine. Indeed, there are companies of high level, allowing you to choose for different rooms of your house both a lighter and fruity cherry wood, as a similar elegant, dark wenge colored tone.

Another way to give them a look of wood floors in your home is with wallpaper that looks like wood. Given the choice, you can choose a wooden apareciencia old and aged, or, fresh cut and relatively new , surface painted with leftover paint color … There is no doubt that these sheets of wallpaper are much easier and of course get cheaper. Of course, you can place much more easily than ceramic tile wood flooring.

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