Old Window Pane Wall Decor

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Window pane wall decor – Windows bran usually broken glass crystals disable windows as an architectural element. With a little hard work through old windows become a new accessory for your home. Decorating Ideas ancient window panel offer ways to turn those broken windows into something attractive.

Clothes rack. Old windows become a shelf for clothes and no matter what the crystals appear. Do the project with a window that has some rough edges or one that lacks all crystals. Paint the window with a fresh coat of white paint or bright color, or leave as-is if you prefer wood naturally difficulties in the window pane wall decor. Purchase clothespins on your home improvement store. The hooks have two curved sides holding clothes and two holes for screwing in place.

Table problems. Turning a window into a funky table or kitchen table of his home. Smaller window pane wall decor are more appropriate for tables. Use the table legs of an old vintage scratched or broken table. Or buy new table legs in a hardware store or furniture. Replace any broken glass window with new glass panels or small pieces of wood glued in place. Use wood glue or screws to attach the four legs in each corner of the window.

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