Nice And Favorite IKEA Makeup Storage

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IKEA Makeup Storage Acrylic

If it were up to us we daydream occasionally away from creative solutions on IKEA makeup storage to your makeup organized storage. Nice and orderly rows of your favorite lipstick nail polish, mascara, powders and brushes (we use more than one, oops).

So we have gradually become a pretty extensive make-up collection. You too? How to be nice than this simple and fun storage tips beautyholics? Handy trays, toilet bags or old jampotten. We love it! So do quick inspiration and enter weekend just to get started. With IKEA makeup storage you’ll see less chaos, more rest. Like! Is your pot of jam on? Keep jar, because look what beautiful things you can do with it. Grab a board, paint it in right color and confirm various winners out by a metal ring. Or spray jars in a cool color and put them nicely down on your table.

At stores like IKEA makeup storage and Blocker are often small drawers for sale. Purchase one special there for your makeup. Look how tidy your collection then looks! Many beauty freaks swear by a magnet painting. Does anything work, but then you have some! Line a metal can with beautiful paper or spray cool color paint. Your most used makeup toys yet you foresee using glue a magnet. And Ragg begin!

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