New Look Distressed White Furniture

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Distressed white furniture is a method of treating a surface of furniture to give appearance of a piece that is older than it really is. Furniture distressing methods are varied and results are equally diverse. Some media distressing leave your furniture looking just a bit tired. Most extreme techniques can result in furniture that looks like it has gone through very difficult times.

Note that water-based paint as flat latex is much easier to give a distressed look those oil-based paints. end result when using water-based paint is a finish which is duller than would be achieved with oil-based types. Matte finish provides a more authentic sense of maturity.

A fast and effective method of distressed white furniture involves sanding surface of furniture. You can achieve different that approximate various levels of distress results by experimenting with sandpaper to use. Another tactic for maximum authenticity is to use various grades of sandpaper across entire surface to enhance realism of aging process.

Idea of distressed white furniture gives effect of being subject to wear through years. This means paying particular attention to parts of a piece of furniture that is more likely to experience wear. Distressing techniques to achieve this effect include rubbing some of stain or paint along edges and on raised portions of surface.

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