Movie Reel Wall Decor Ideas

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Movie reel wall decor – A reel of film is a Hollywood icon in the golden age of Hollywood special. It is a reminder of the times of the beloved film. Moviegoers often re-create that magic to decorate their homes with Hollywood memorabilia. Something as simple as a reel of film can be used as a themed decor throughout the house, or a real old reel can be re-purposed as wall art for a media room or home theater.

Artworks of movie reel wall decor here is a world of film rolls incorporating art: painting, photography and sculpture use reels with Hollywood icons in every imaginable combination. A sculpture of simple wall art depicting a couple of rolls of film and a film strip makes a nice decoration for a media room. Display a black and white photo of your favorite movie vintage showing the camera work behind the scenes. If you want something a little more extravagant, choose a framed artwork with your favorite star, behind the camera for once – filming him.

Fabrics and textiles

If you want your film roll theme to extend beyond the walls decorated with printed cushions round to resemble movie reel wall decor; Afghans or throws with a reel of film or Hollywood theme; or for true craftsmanship, handmade blanket or quilt with a film reel and scenes from their favorite movie or favorite genre – Errol Flynn movies for your child’s room, for example, or a tribute to noir classic Bogart for a guest bedroom or as wall art home theater.

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