Mosaic Floor Tile For Bathroom

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Black And White Mosaic Floor Tile

Mosaic floor tile – Before selecting tiles to the floors or other surfaces, it is important that you know what you ask of the plates. There is a very large selection of this material and the plates vary a lot in quality depending on the clay consistency and plate’s production methods. Surfaces that are exposed to heavy wear, such as the floor inside the front door, should have high durability.

For this type of surface, it is common with wet pressed plates. Dry-pressed tiles are more porous and are most commonly used as wall cladding. But you can also use this type of mosaic floor tile that does not wear so hard, for example, in the bathroom.

Mosaic floor tile surfaces are easy to keep clean. As a rule, it is sufficient to wash with soapy water and a soft cloth. Otherwise the risk is that dirt penetrates the pores and does not go away. It prevents this further by occasionally oil the plates with special clinker oil. However, one should avoid polish and other similar agents of this type of material.  Calcium deposits on ceramic surfaces should be removed regularly. To prevent damage to the joints should first be moistened with water before using appropriate scale removers. Rinse with clean water immediately.

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