Modern Sofa Bed Design Ideas

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Modern Sofa Bed Grey

Modern sofa bed – With a modern sofa, you create a flexible interior that does not compromise the aesthetic. Modern sofa beds are quite different from the sofa beds that existed in the past in terms of design, sitting and lying comfort. Nowadays it is often difficult to determine whether there is a sofa bed or a seating sofa, it discovered only when it is time to go to bed.

The forward made up the modern sofa bed is embedded out straight ahead. The forward-bedded couch allows for a smaller overall dimensions, many times over 200cm. The bed in the forward-bedded couch available from 115cm to 160cm and bed quality is from polyurethane to  pocket for optimum sleeping comfort.

It made up along the sofa bed is embedded with a bed on his part and a bed that pulled out from under the sofa which then folds up the same height as the other bed. Over bed is usually 193x80cm and 190x80cm bed and there from polyurethane to pocket for optimum sleeping comfort. To have a guest room with two beds set today is not the ordinary for guests who come a few times a year. The modern sofa bed fits perfectly with everything from the living room, guest room, bedroom, home office, or for the use of the bed each night.

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