Mickey Mouse Room Decor

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Mickey Mouse Room Decor – Mickey Mouse is one of Disney’s most famous characters. The 1928 film, “Steamboat Willie,” sprung this little mouse to fame; he remains a timeless cartoon whose popularity extends across generations. A Mickey Mouse-themed room has a variety of options, from all-out Mickey d├ęcor of subtle accent pieces. This type of room works well for all ages, from infant to adult fanatics.


Mickey Mouse room decor for baby nurseries with Paint the walls a soothing color light blue or green. Denote a wall to a Mickey-themed mural depicting Mickey in colorful adventures with his friends.

Kids Room

Mickey Mouse room decor for one older kids who like Disney. Since this is a very popular theme, you’ll have no trouble finding accessories and furniture to fill the room. Use strong, bright colors like red are Mickey’s shorts or the yellow in his shoes.

Teen Room

Mickey Mouse room decor for older children and teens focus on a classic and sophisticated design. Paint the walls a pale color (Example; sky blue or lavender). Use dark wood furniture. On the walls, hang shelving to display vintage Mickey memorabilia as “Steamboat Willie” statue or classic Mickey Mouse Club ears.

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